What Are Just Relating™ Episodes?

Sociocultural Attunement Home Study Series Approved by American Psychological Association (APA)

Each Episode is 2-4 hours and features our ‘Teach, Show, Do’ model. Episodes are comprised of Segments including

  • TEACH: Didactic Instruction
  • SHOW: Fail and Nail Role Plays
  • DO: Real Clinical Examples
  • Interactive exercises
  • Self-of-Therapist Applications
  • Summary

Some Episodes Include:

  • Mini TedX
  • The Real Deal’ – Societal Level Applications
  • Interviews
  • Client Commentary
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Increase your clinical confidence and sociocultural attunement

  • Self-examination
  • Augment Alliance building skills
  • Integrate social locating
  • Expand space for explicit Intersectionality dialogue
  • Name injustice and track impact
  • Work with blocks in a culturally attuned way
  • Identify triggers and cues that prompt negative relational cycles
  • Put racial trauma into cycle
  • Deepen in session attunement with acuity to cultural differences
  • Hone enactments
  • Create Bonding experiences to promote resilience in couples who experience oppression, marginalization, acculturation stress, intersectionality

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