Just Relating

Just Relating™ is designed by ICEEFT Certified Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) Trainers, Supervisors, and Clinicians to facilitate integration of sociocultural attunement into EFT and attachment-oriented therapies.

The most exquisitely attuned therapist combines precision clinical skills with cross-cultural competency.
Just Relating™ is a transformational training resource – centering justice and humility in the therapy relationship while honing clinical focus and skills. Level up your treatment efficacy from the inside out!

Just Relating™

First-of-kind Training

Sociocultural Attunement Home Study Series Approved by American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Hybrid Digital Learning Experience coupled with Live Community Engagement events
  • Empirical validation of Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Application for all attachment oriented therapists
  • Specific processes, protocols, and interventions to augment sociocultural attunement efficacy
  • Neurobiologically-informed training and processes to examine implicit bias, power, privilege
  • Experiential engagement designed to expand awareness of self and other
  • Exclusive Kinship Access benefits for supervision opportunities
  • Exclusive Kinship Access benefits for live events
  • Exclusive Kinship benefits discounts on select EFT Master Classes
  • Kinship Access-based All Access – or – individual course purchase
  • Interactive experiences to embody self-examination process
  • The Real Deal – Societal level applications


There are two ways to get instruction from Just Relating

Just Relating™ is your premier experiential education experience! We lead with innovative instruction to advance your therapeutic effectiveness through Just Relating’s exclusive Episodes and Clinical Examples. In our ‘Teach, Show, Do’ model, Just Relating™ will train you to talk about the differences that make a difference … all while learning cutting edge clinical skills for all attachment therapy models from EFT trainers and supervisors


A word from the Just Relating™ team

Meet our team

Our Just Relating™ team is committed to producing evocative and engaging EFT education experiences.
Our Team


Don’t just take it from us! Read what other therapists are saying about Just Relating™!

‘I wish every therapist had the benefit of knowing and practicing this comprehensive model for sociocultural attunement. By exemplifying the model themselves, the presenters inspire us to level up in a way that the world desperately needs.’

Dr. Maureen Corbett, Certified EMDR Therapist, Certified Relational Life Therapist

In the diverse society we live in, the Just Relating training program is timely, needed, and on-target !

Eugene Lee

This is a great initiative that I very much support. We know that attachment is a universal dynamic, but it is shaped by socio-cultural factors and we need to broaden our understanding of these in order to provide context-appropriate interventions.

Dr. Elmien Lesch

A great updated learning tool for EFT process, incorporating dynamics of diversity & inclusion, which seem to go unnoticed in other trainings I’ve attended.I am encouraged knowing that leaders in the field are addressing issues of diversity and inclusion .”

Shawn Michael Howard

I love the intentions of this, the egalitarianism and inclusivity presented. The first episode is good! I am excited to participate and lean further into examining my own gaps in sociocultural Attunement with clients, supervisees, and peers and colleagues! This series appears essential for all EFT practitioners

James McCracken

Just Relating beautifully brings together attachment-based therapy and social justice. Based on a sociocultural attunement model, this evidence-based therapy training program provides tools to recognize, explore and challenge power imbalances, oppression and marginalization as fundamental blocks to thriving human relationships. I can not wait to learn more from this diverse and committed group of EFT therapists.

Jean Malpas, LMFT, LMHC

What happens to bonds in families, friendships, and communities when the topic of race comes up? Sadly many times it leads to hurt, distrust, and separation. The fear, pain, and confusion are so palpable, and people get stuck in negative cycles of protection and reactivity. It is exciting to see a team of professionals who specialize in relational distress bringing their skills to this realm. Our world needs more people with these skills to help us navigate these crucial moments to embrace the fear and confusion as an opportunity for growth and authentic healing.

James Hawkins

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A Special Thank You

Every member of the Just Relating™ team has been professionally and personally stirred by the contributions of many significant leaders within our profession. For one of these leaders, in particular, we must say a special thank you to Dr. Sue Johnson.

Dr. Johnson has spent over the last 30 years meticulously observing thousands of hours of couple therapy sessions, building upon the research of emotion and harnessing the power of attachment science that ultimately turned into the development of the therapeutic model Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) that has revolutionized therapeutic content and therapists’ effectiveness around the world. Dr. Johnson continues to devote significant amounts of her time to researching, teaching and training EFT therapists. Our work and our world is significantly different because of her contribution, and for this, we are especially thankful. 


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